New Podcast ‘Floozeville’ Spotlights Richard Kind Of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

Everyone’s favorite Hollywood character actor and all-around good guy, Richard Kind (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Red Oaks), heads up the cast of the new GoKidGo podcast, Floozeville, launching in early August.

GoKidGo, the first publisher to offer free educational scripted podcasts for children in an Avengers-style universe, features all new content from New York Times bestselling authors Patrick Carman and R.L. Stine.

In Floozeville, Kind plays Waffle, part of a yeti-like clan of “fizzies” who live far below a sleepy suburban town in an underground area they call Floozeville. Kind and his cohorts secretly make the most popular natural snacks in the world and attempt to stay hidden from the ever-curious people of Earth. Kind is joined by veteran actors Ardin Myrin (Mad TV, Insatiable) and Marc Evan Jackson (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Place) in this podcast aimed at children ages 6-11.

Richard Kind and Patrick Carman are available for interviews to talk about the enchanting secret world of Floozeville. They’ll tell you:

●        Fast Train to Floozeville: Kind will give a behind-the-scenes look at the process of voicing a “fizzy” for a children’s podcast and show you around the fictional town of Floozeville

●        Tackling Declining Literacy Rates Together: Carman has a knack for turning kids who don’t usually read into book lovers. Kind’s voiceover work in children’s entertainment lends a familiar voice to young listeners. The pair will discuss how podcasts can lead children back to the printed word

●        How Podcasts Drive Reading Engagement: Children who listen to podcasts enjoy reading (47.8% compared to 40.8%) and read daily (30.4% compared to 27%) compared with those who don’t

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