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Super Hi-Fi, the audio technology company leveraging AI to deliver next-generation music listening experiences, today announced that it is expanding its partnership program, adding a global leader in B2B music services. 7digital (AIM: 7DIG), the leading platform for powering music delivery and reporting for the world’s largest brands in online fitness, social media, streaming services, and background music, will use Super Hi-Fi’s platform to bring advanced playback and AI-powered recommendations to their playlisting and curation tools for the first time.

7digital’s music platform-as-a-service powers some of the largest and fastest-growing consumer brands around the world, including Triller, Kuaishou, and a solid roster of music streaming, radio, and fitness clients. Fully integrated with the world’s labels and publishers, 7digital offers a suite of end-to-end services to reduce the cost and complexity of building and deploying music experiences, including ingestion and real-time music delivery, automated clearances, and backend label and publisher reporting. With this new integration of Super Hi-Fi’s intelligence-driven technology, brands and companies are now able to add a critical layer of differentiation and customized listening features when they access their fully cleared music catalogue via 7digital’s platform.

“Music is an increasingly important differentiator for the fitness, gaming, and social media platforms seeking to increase user engagement,” said Paul Langworthy, CEO of 7digital. “For years, 7digital has powered the music experiences for the largest consumer companies in the world. With this new partnership, Super HiFi’s compelling audio stitching and automated content curation technology can allow brands to easily launch powerful new music experiences to maximize audience satisfaction while minimizing development and engineering resources.”

“The streaming music market has become largely undifferentiated across music selection, pricing, features, and access,” said Zack Zalon, Chief Executive Officer, Super Hi-Fi. “We’re adding fully integrated compatibility with 7digital’s music platform, to create a seamless layer of value for our respective customers. The result allows digital music service providers and music-driven consumer brands to create highly compelling, personalized audio products that were previously unattainable.”

Super Hi-Fi powers AI-engineered, individually customized listening experiences across streaming services, broadcast and digital radio, digital fitness, audio advertising, and other music services. Listeners benefit from distinctive and engaging audio experiences that allow them to enjoy music, news, weather and other relevant thematic programming in a fluid, precisely stitched flow. The company’s platform uses advanced AI to source, produce, manage, deliver and seamlessly connect any type of audio content at scale and in real-time.

Partnering together, the companies are able to offer turn-key solutions for differentiated, tailored music and audio experiences for their customers. The integration provides new services the ability to create compelling products for their audiences in a significantly shorter period of time without sacrificing great content.

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About 7digital
7digital is the global leader in B2B end-to-end digital music solutions, providing a scalable cloud-based platform that enables companies and brands to connect to its global music catalogue and rights management system to launch and manage unique and engaging music experiences. Operating worldwide in over 80 markets and integrated with more than 300,000 labels and publishers, 7digital’s platform automates the complex and time-consuming processes of music management, making it easier to access and use music in streaming services, social media, home fitness, gaming, retail and more.  With best-in-class infrastructure, deep industry expertise, and intelligence tools, 7digital empowers its clients to innovate, grow and serve tomorrow’s music consumer. For more information, visit

About Super Hi-Fi
Super Hi-Fi uses artificial intelligence to transform gaps between songs into relevant and personalized content to improve the digital listening experience. The company’s patented technology is capable of understanding the infinite nuances within music with the expertise of a human radio producer to improve transitions between content and create better extensions of digital brands. The result is perfectly transitioned streams of music, podcasts, interviews, news, weather, advertisements, and other audio content. Based in Los Angeles, California, Super Hi-Fi is integrated into digital brands like Sonos Radio, iHeart Radio, Peloton, Play Network, TouchTunes, Napster, Universal Music Group, TargetSpot, Elevated Music, and The Associated Press.


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