Coinberry Granted Ontario Securities Commission Approval For Crypto Trading

Coinberry has been granted Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) regulatory approval to trade crypto-assets across all of Canada.

This makes them the first pure-play, crypto trading platform in Canada to be fully registered across all provinces and territories.

“We believe that as the Canadian crypto market continues to mature, we plan to work even closer with regulators, such that they continue to protect investors, while allowing innovation to flourish,” noted CEO Andrei Poliakov.

This regulatory move is one that will shape the entire Canadian landscape, and will affect all crypto-trading platforms in Canada.

Coinberry Ltd. has become the first pure-play crypto trading platform to achieve regulatory registration in Canada.

Coinberry’s regulatory registration signifies a milestone in the Canadian crypto industry, marking the maturation of the market and advancements in government oversight.

Canadian crypto investors finally have a regulated, safe and secure environment through which they can enter and engage with the crypto asset space and acquire crypto assets.

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