BitThrone Releases New Bitcoin Miner, The Tminer 1

BitThrone, a new to the public asic miner manufacturer, has released their first Bitcoin miner. Introducing the Tminer 1, hashing at 200+ TH/s and consuming only 1600 watts of power.?
Around twice as efficient as any of their competitors. BitThrone has been involved in the private mining sector for years now, but they have finally come out into the public eye.
They incorporate futureproof chips into their miners at an affordable rate. They gurantee break even, or return on investment in just a matter of months. This is great timing for anyone who mines cryptocurrency.
The Bitcoin blockchain miner reward halving just happened on Tuesday, May 11th, 2020, reducing the amount of Bitcoin being released every ten minutes from 12.5 btc to 6.25 btc.  This is Bitcoin’s way of using a synthetic form of inflation that halves every four years until all Bitcoin is released and is In circulation.
In order for all the big mining farms to stay in business they are expecting the Bitcoin price to atleast double ($20k again) like in late 2017 and early 2018.
BitThrone is offering a one year money back gurantee if anything becomes wrong with your miner. They have begun working on a new ethhash miner since the release of their Bitcoin miner.
There’s even plans for a randomx asic miner, if possible. BitThrone aims to take control back from shady, overseas asic companies.

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