George R.R. Martin and ‘Game of Thrones’ Executive Producer Reunite with ‘Hunter’s Run’

By Paige Cornell

Exile Content Studio has acquired the rights to develop a feature film based on the 2007 science fiction novel ‘Hunter’s Run’, written by ‘Game of Thrones’ creator George R. R. Martin along with co-authors Gardner Dozois and Daniel Abraham. Mark Raso (director of ‘Kodachrome’) will direct, based on a script that he penned with his brother Joseph (of Netflix original film ‘Awake’). The pair team up to executive produce the film alongside Martin and Vince Geradis, who produced ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘House of the Dragon’ for HBO.

‘Hunter’s Run’ is a sci-fi story about Ramon Espejo, who is a day laborer on a distant planet who chooses to escape poverty seeking a better life. However he soon finds himself a man on the run for the murder of an interplanetary diplomat. As he races into wilderness, he stumbles upon a highly advanced alien race who, like him, do not wish to be found. Survival is his only goal, but to reach it he must learn how to elude these deadly aliens, the police and his own personal demons.


Exile Chief Strategy Officer Eric Bromberg said, “It is a dream come true to be working with George R. R. Martin, one of the world’s greatest storytellers, alongside this incredible team of screenwriters and producers. From the first time I read ‘Hunter’s Run’, I knew it had all the elements of an enthralling sci-fi adventure, including a unique, flawed and fascinating anti-hero.”

Exile Head of Studio Nando Vila has commented, “’Hunter’s Run’ is an incredible sci-fi epic that will appeal to global audiences, and an amazing opportunity to build a tent pole franchise around a deeply complex Latino protagonist. We are so proud that Exile can help bring this amazing story to the screen and beyond.”

Writer/director Mark Raso noted, “I first met George when he showed my film Copenhagen at his Jean-Cocteau cinema in Santa Fe and among other things we discussed a novel he had written that had great potential as a film. I’m thrilled that from that small conversation we are at a point where we are realizing a both visually and narratively innovative sci-fi adventure. ‘Hunter’s Run’ is a groundbreaking, sci-fi story about survival, exploitation, and the fight for universal freedoms. I’m thrilled to be partnering with Exile to bring George, Daniel and Gardner’s brilliant novel to life.”

George R. R. Martin has said, “I am so pleased that after almost 16 years, ‘Hunter’s Run’ will be made into a film. I’m bursting with excitement for the rich sci-fi universe I helped create with my dear friends Daniel and Gardner to exist beyond the pages of our book.”

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