New York Book Festival Names ‘No Birds Sing Here’ For Grand Prize Honors

NEW YORK _ The story of two young friends who set out on an odyssey to define the artistic life has been awarded the grand prize for the 2021 New York Book Festival, which honors books worthy of further attention from the world’s publishing capital.

Author Daniel V. Meier Jr.’s No Birds Sing Here (BQB Publishing) tells the story of two young pseudo-intellectuals, Beckman and Malany, who set out on an odyssey to define the artistic life, and in doing so, unleash a barrage of humorous, unintended consequences. No Birds Sing Here is a multi-layered novel about a Post-Modernist America in which characters are struggling to survive in an increasingly chaotic world.

Beckman and Malany’s journey reflects the allegorical evolution of humanity from its primal state. The world these protagonists live in is a world without love. Do they know it? Not yet. And they won’t until they figure out why no birds sing here.

Other winners in the competition:


WINNER: The Hanford Plaintiffs – Trisha Pritikin

RUNNER-UP: Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz – Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince


Buried but Never Forgotten – Elisa Chastaine

Char’s Gift – Steve Harryman

The Ultimate Guide to Planning – Mike Bernstein

Getting Out –  Greg Siofer

Never Be Poor Again – Matthew Morales

Kings, Conquerors, Psychopaths – Joseph N. Abraham, MD

From Student to Warrior: A Military History of the… – Wilford Kale

Simple Activities for Toddlers – Lisa Forsythe

Sabrina’s Book – Sabrina Runyon

A Constitution for a Democracy – Rohit (Roy) Kajaria

More Fish Faces Book One – Tam Warner Minton

More Fish Faces Book Two – Tam Warner Minton

Rental Secrets – Justin Pogue

Out of Rushmore’s Shadow – Lou Del Bianco

Conscious Love – Kashonia Carnegie PhD

The Angle of Flickering Light – Gina Troisi

Butterfly Awakens – Meg Nocero

This Moment: Bold Moments from…. – Edited by Keren Taylor

Lo que nadie me dijo sobre – Isabel de Navasqüés

The Language Theater – Maria Beatty

Boys Secrets and Men’s Loves – David A.J. Richards

Mindful Framing – Oscar Seguaro

An Ungrown Mind – Sarah Laney

In Search of Somatic Therapy – Setsuko Tsuchiya

Love Yourself to Life – Dr. Monica Debro

Secret Life of a Juror – Voir Dire – Paul Sanders

Strong Women, Fed-Up Men, Defeated Sons… – Mark Momplaisir

She Got Up – Janice Freeman


WINNER:  Ella Sue and the Burlap Bag – Robin Taylor Chariello

RUNNER-UP: I Would Love You Even If You Burned the Christmas Turkey – Bucleigh Newton Kernolde


The Girl with the Magical Curls – Evita Giron

Mom’s Voice – Jason O. Bradley

Brody the Lion: I Can Do It, Yes I Can! – Dr. Kristin Wegner

Black Bear Goes To Washington – Denise Lawson

Kristy, Mikey and Harley D the Cat – Holly Smith & Krista Taylor

Completely Me – Justine Green

Mommy’s Hot Pink Heels – Missy Brickman

The First Birthday Party Ever! – Keith Johnson

Giraffes Don’t Talk To Ants – Lauren M. Poteat

The Day The Colours Went Away – Christopher Quirk

Glitter the Unicorn Goes.. – Callie Chapman

How the Dog Saved the Squirrel from the Hawk – D.L. Luke

Pong and the Birthday Journey – Linda Sowa Young Cornish

Belinda and the “Boring” Ballet Class – Dani Tucci-Juraga

The Gifts of Ping Mei – Linda Sowa Young Cornish

Bobby’s Story – Linda Sowa Young Cornish

Kindergarten Kapers – Sabrina Runyon

The Christmas Tale: A Fishy Feast – Diana Pishner Walker

If I Were A Pony – Leonard Eckhaus

Let’s Talk! A Story of Autism….- Lisa Jackovsky

Becky’s Bonnet – Linda Sowa Young Cornish

Little Giants: 10 Hispanic Women… – Raynelda A. Calderon

Tricky Times – Laura Irelan

The Burping Pumpkin – Steph Alexis

Welcome to Chuckle Giggle Nu – Keith Johnson

Bobby the Bear and his Missing Dinner – Ryan O’Connor

Patty Panda Gets a Potty – Vicky Wu

Allman Town Changed with Sam’s Mother’s Cake – Ashia Foster

Shadow and Friends Costume Party – S. Jackson, M. Schmidt

Simple Activities for Toddlers – Lisa Forsythe

The Letter Critters Talent Show – Chase Taylor

El’s Mirror – Ellison and Bavu Blakes

Ting Ting The Girl Who Saved China – Ryan O’Connor

Walter Finds a Home – Cat Smith with Brad and Kelly Blake

Earth Day Park’s Swans – V.A> Boeholt/Nate Jensen

The Twin Dolphin’s Kind Rescue – V.A. Boeholt/Nate Jensen

The Holy Kid and Bud Book – Linda Sowa Young Cornish

Dirty Monkeys Smell Bad – G. Katz Chronicle


WINNER: No Birds Sing Here – Daniel V. Meier, Jr.

RUNNER-UP: The Bookseller’s Daughter – Steve Burt


High Desert High – Steven Schindler

Never Play with Death – Hans Trujillo

A Lost Woman – Ann Brooks

Truth is in the House – Michael J. Coffino

The Red Thread – Rebekah Pace and Tracy Lawson

Kevin on Earth – Pres Maxon

Lucky – Sara Condrey

When Angels Die – James Sniechowski

Bloodroot – Daniel V. Meier, Jr

The Wondrous Apothecary – Mary E. Martin

Heaven and Other Zip Codes – Mathieu Cailler

Rosa – Barbara de la Cuesta

Dark Times – Michael Gerhartz

Never Too Soon – Tamika Christy

Faster – Alex Schuler

The Field of Wrongdoing – Lili St. Germain

Scavenger Hunt – Dani Lamia

A Portable Chaos – E.M. Schorb

DHARMA, A Rekha Rao Mystery – Vee Kumari

Last Casualty – Lee W. Daly

The Man Who Would Be King – Addison J. Chappel

Into Africa – Kerry McDonald

The Wingless Angel – Fabrice Wilfong

Rhodes – Never Forgotten – M.M. Gornell

Operation Olive Tree – Jemil Metti

The Paloma Crossing – Randall Reneau

Apollo’s Other Daughter – Suzanne Jenkins

Spirits of the Ice Forest – Max Davine

Missing – Don Helin

Lusitania Lost – Leonard Carpenter

Amid Rage – Joel Burcat

White Skies Black Mingo – Kevin D. Miller

Revenge of the Beast – M. Ward Leon

Whisperwood – Van Temple

Watkins Glen – Eleanor Lerman

Before Pittsburgh – Kasie Whitener

Hidden Enemies – M.A. Florence

Trading Secrets – Rachael Eckles

The Wasteland – Harper Jameson

Moonlight Rocks – Yurie Kiri

The Patched Sea – Loodie

Games We Played – Shawne Steiger

House of Bastiion – K.L. Kolarich

CSCO: First Station – D. A. Pendleton

Black Child to Black Woman – Cheryl Denise Bannerman

South of Main Street – Robert Gately

Genesis The Beginning – Tarrone M. Fearo


WINNER:  12 Relatos Impuros – Hans Trujillo

RUNNER-UP: Lay Off or Lie Dead!  – Joseph Idigo


WINNER: Our Moment of Choice – Robert Atkinson, Kurt Johnson, et. Al

RUNNER-UP: A New Way to Hope – William Stephenson


The Black Trans Prayer Book – Dane Edidi and J Mase III

Voices from the Pandemic – Don Helin

You Sound Amazing – Jeffrey Weber



WINNER: Blind Pony: As True a Story As I Can Tell – Samantha Hart

RUNNER-UP: That Darn Cat – Janos Toldy


The Wingless Angel – Fabrice Wilfong

Cinderella – A Love Story – Gina LoBiondo

The Edge of Madness – Raymond Gaynor

Sketches of Life – A. Gavazzoni

Digest: Ten Short Stories – Evan Witmer

Pandemic Side Effects – Jeffrey Weber

Corrupted.- Jared Dixon

Secret Life of a Juror – Voir Dire – KC Wuraftic

More Postcards Home – WD Mast

House of Bastiion – K.L. Kolarich

Christ Over Covid-19 – Ngozi Iwuoha


WINNER: The Menu – Steven Manchester

RUNNER-UP: The Art of Forgiveness – Carolyn CJ Jones


The Girl Who Could Read Hearts – Sherry Maysonave

Belonging: One Catholic’s Story – Frank J. Butler

The Birth of a Soul – Johanna Kern

Stepping Stones – Marilea C. Rabasa

Opening the Gates of the Heart – Carolyn CJ Jones

To Be Enlightened – Alan J. Steinberg

Visions of Time – Lori B. Hines

Good, Butter, Best; From Dream to Reality – Donny Willis

The YOU Beyond You – Ramzi Naijar

Through Fire and Rain – Joseph and Mary Anselmo

When Angels Fly – S. Jackson, A. Raymond, M. Schmidt

The Evangelical’s DaughterDebra Roberts Torres-Reyes


WINNER: Gilligan’s Dreams – Dreama Denver

RUNNER-UP: Rendered Safe: Tales of an NYPD Bomb Tech   – Jeff Ingber


Corners Untouched by Madness – N. Daniel

Roots & Branches: A Family Saga – Michael M. Meguid MD

My Year in Vaudeville – Rory Lance

No Man’s Compass – SD Hines

As Living Stones: My Five Years in Saudi Arabia – Marjory Henderson

Plotting to Stop The British Slave Trade – Jane Reeve

Put Off My Sackcloth: Essays – Annie Dawid

Through Fire and Rain – Joseph and Mary Anselmo

The Music – Herbert and Stephanie Ausbel

100 Days in Vietnam – Matthew Tallon

Splat – Adele Deegan

My Body, My Soul – Vandee Crane

The Journey/The Path/The Way I See It – LaDonna Marie


WINNER: Pivot – L.C. Barlow

RUNNER-UP: Counterfeit Lover – J.C. Farmer


Perish – L.C. Barlow

Forgive Us – E.T. Gunnarson

Condition Black – Stu Jones and Gareth Worthington

The Vanishing – Arjay Lewis

Callisto 2.0 – A novel of the future – Susan English

Tokyo Games – Yurie Kiri

Code Word Access – Alex Schuler and Rolf Yngve

Stalked – Sara Condrey

The Adventures of Wandala – Daniel Boyd

The Green Cathedral – Kerry McDonald

The Cadmium Command – JGR Penton

Ivory!! An Annotated Account…. – Reid Scott

666 Gable Way – Dani Lamia


WINNER: One Loaf at a Time/One Bowl at a Time – CJ Katz

RUNNER-UP: Lean & Luscious Kid’s Edition – Millie Snyder


WINNER: The Undersea Art of Indonesia – Charles Rawlings, Lobbu, Leah Perez

RUNNER-UP: The National Parks: A Century of Grace – Karla Morton and Alan Birkelbach


Battle Carried – Michael Bortner

The Strait and Narrow – Jane Tuckerman

Dancing, and Other Problems – Norville Parchment


WINNER: When the Wind Chimes – Mary Ting

RUNNER-UP: No Other Name – Robert Beatty


Midnight Temptation – Shari Nichols

Falling for the Manny – Kayla Nicole

What’s Left of Me – Kristen Granata

Inside the Grey – Bobbi Groover


WINNER: Blood & Silver – Vali Benson

RUNNER-UP: Someone in the Walls – Teymour Shahabi


Charley’s Horse – Judith Shaw

Facing Off – Tanya Ross

New England Seaside, Roadside, Graveside, Darkside – Steve Burt

How to Become a Better Writer – Anishka Verna

Secret Life of a Juror – Voir Dire – KC Wuraftic

Melby – Melinda Chambers

Never Say Never – Justine Manzo

Last Letters to Gettysburg – Jan Thornton Jones

Escapade – Margery Neely

Nathan’s Investigation – G. Katz Chronicle

Tyrone Evans Clark’s Grapefruit… – Tyrone Evans Clark

House of Bastiion – K.L. Kolarich

A Thief in Pollinator Paradise – G. Katz Chronicle


WINNER: Can You Get Our Attention? – Kraig Kann

RUNNER-UP: Never Be Poor Again – Matthew Morales


Rental Secrets – Justin Pogue

How To Live From Your Heart – Nanette V. Hucknall

Turn Words into Wealth – Aurora Winter

The Ultimate Human Secrets – Ramzi Naijar

A Turbulent Mind – Swetha Amit

It’s About You Too: How to Manage…- Lori B. Rassas


WINNER: Ascend Your Startup – Helen Yu

RUNNER-UP: Silent Resistance – Paul Boudreau and Caitlyn Schmidt


Things I Heard My Professor Say – Curtis L. Odom, Ed.D

Pathway to Prosperity – Mark Lazar

Book Title Generator – Scott Lorenz

Never Be Poor Again – Matthew Morales

Rental Secrets – Justin Pogue

Rise of the Digital World – RS Amblee

It’s About You Too – Lori B. Rassas


WINNER: En Aras del Tiempo – Issamary Simmons

RUNNER-UP: The National Parks: A Century of Grace – Karla Morton


Much – Joel Peckham

Bent: 31 Poems – T.A. Price

The Miracle Machine – Matthew Pennock

Old State Road – Jason Gerrish

Excursions of the Mind 2: Stories Take Flight – Joanne Kenzy

One Heart: Many Breaks – Sandeep Kumar Mishra

Where Wild Thoughts Grow – Tanya M. Hazelwood


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