Amon Tobin Releases Second Single From New Album ‘How Do You Live’

“Phaedra” is the second single from Amon Tobin’s forthcoming album How Do You Live, which will be fully released on September 24th via Nomark. The track is an experiment, an exploration with harmonics, “a physical model of a saxophone” as Amon describes it.

How Do You Live is Amon Tobin’s first new album since he launched his Nomark Records label with the #1 Fear in A Handful of Dust and its sister album, Long Stories, in 2019.
In the 25 years since Amon Tobin released his first album under the pseudonym Cujo, he has made music that has not only tested the boundaries of sound but has also challenged our emotional response to the music that electronics can make.
A zoomed out macro view, like an astronaut looking at the world from Space. Amon expands on this further when comparing the record to other recent albums, “If Fear In a Handful of Dust and Long Stories were intimate and close, like a microscope. This one is like a telescope.”
From the ominous opening of title track “How Do You Live”, the album dances carousel-like through a delicious cacophony. “Sweet Inertia (featuring Figueroa)” embraces us with the warming notion of procrastination as an infallible temptress. The aforementioned new single, “Phaedra” has the air of a darkened, ethereal waltz danced along the street in the half-light. Throughout the album rhythms are teased and tossed, beats explode and turn like a twister hurtling through Tornado Alley. As the record crescendos to the final track, the sublime “All Things Burn”, we are bathed in the glorious glow of all that remains possible.
Tobin has released pioneering bass music as Two Fingers, psyche-folk as Figueroa, rock electronica as Only Child Tyrant and his most recent outing as Stone Giants showed another side as he explored love songs through his own unique lens.
When considering the influence of his Nomark label mates on this new album, Amon comments, “Everything feeds in. After spending time in the micro of personal experiences with Stone Giants and Figueroa this record explores bigger scenery from a distance, for the most part.”
In a quarter century of music making Tobin is one of those artists who has never sat still; restless to always try one more thing, one more avenue, a different fork in the road.
Tobin’s records are musical anomalies. They’ve been this way since the beginning, and in 2021 his musical curiosity remains as sharp as ever.
1. How Do You Live
2. Rise To Ashes
3. Sweet Inertia (feat. Figueroa)
4. Phaedra
5. In a Valley Stood the Sun
6. This Living Hand
7. Button Down Fashion Bow
8. Now Future
9. Black As The Sun
10. All Things Burn
How Do You Live is available here

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