Tioga Research And Ei.Ventures Team For Transdermal Psilocybin, The Magic Mushrooms Ingredient

Maui, Hawaii/San Diego, California – August 26, 2021 – Noted psychedelic medicine start-up Ei.Ventures is excited to announce their engagement with Tioga Research to develop a transdermal patch for sustained delivery of psilocin, the active ingredient in psilocybin mushrooms, for mental health applications.

David Nikzad, the CEO of Ei.Ventures notes, “we are over the moon to join with one of the top transdermal delivery research specialists, Tioga Research, to begin developing products that could potentially help millions of people manage their mental health issues – depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. with a patch. Additionally, with the increasing legality and popularity of psilocybin mushrooms, transdermal delivery could become a popular method for micro-dosing which helps with mental clarity and mood stabilization as well.”

John M. Newsam, CEO of Tioga Research adds, “By working with Ei.Ventures on a blue sky project of this nature, we will deploy our proprietary technologies and deep expertise to address key psilocin formulation issues, such as delivery and stability. A transdermal delivery route can circumvent issues with oral administration, such as nausea.”

EI.Ventures is focused on developing botanical active pharmaceutical ingredients for the psychedelic supply chain, novel psychedelic compounds for various indications, and unique delivery mechanisms and treatment protocols. In addition to their future regulated psychedelic line, Ei Ventures will release their MANA range of functional mushroom nutraceuticals for improving well-being and health in Q3 2021.

Tioga Research supports the research and early development of skin-applied products, offering formulation innovation, skin permeation screening, and GLP IVRT/IVPT services. In addition, the company has pioneered high throughput experimentation (“HTE”) technologies for screening skin delivery. Tioga Research was founded in 2011 to support innovations in skin-applied products, especially topical and transdermal drug products, including skincare products and cosmetics. With headquarters and laboratory operations in San Diego, CA, and a business presence in the UK to support clients in Europe, Tioga Research has become a preferred service provider for an impressive portfolio of clients across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Tioga Research has been a subsidiary of Encube Ethicals since early 2020, enabling clients to leverage the combined strengths of both organizations from early formulation innovation to commercial manufacturing.

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