Pet Care Company Focuses On Natural Health Solutions Using Cannabinoids

Dr. Terry Fossum and her company, Dr. Fossum’s Pet Care, provide natural health solutions for pets. The secret ingredient in most of its products use cannabinoids, including CDB.

Fossum and her business partner, Dr. Richard (Dick) Gebhart, became veterinarians because they truly love animals. Between them, they have over 80 years of veterinary service. Dr. Fossum’s husband is also a veterinarian, and two of Dick’s sons and a daughter-in-law are veterinarians. Their entire lives, not just their careers, are centered on helping veterinarians, pets, and pet owners.

Finding natural health solutions, including hemp extract with CBD/CBG, started as a very personal journey for Dr. Fossum because of “Dirty Dan.” Dan is a beautiful, sweet, 10-year-old Labrador who is one of the great loves of Dr. Fossum and her husband’s lives. They frequently tell him, all joking aside, that he is “best dog ever.”

Dan was born with an elbow issue, causing him mobility problems as he got older. His elbow condition started making him lame as he aged. Because he likes to swim and hike (and steal ball caps and shoes) Dr. Fossum started looking for alternative therapies to the common drugs that veterinarians would normally prescribe – because she knew many of them had the potential to cause serious side effects.

When the doctors started researching CBD, they were astounded by the number of pet CBD products that were on the market. They were even more shocked that the majority of these products were making claims they knew were not backed by science. They began to wonder if these products were even safe, or if they contained what they claimed on the label.

The more research they did, the less comfortable they felt giving any of these products to their own dogs. Even the companies with well-respected brands seemed to have developed their pet products as an afterthought. They appeared to have spent no time considering how to administer CBD to a cat or dog and they had not bothered to develop products that were formulated to provide a product or dosing strategy that made sense for companion animals.

They decided to produce the highest quality and most efficacious product possible, a product that pet owners and veterinarians alike could trust. One that was backed by science. Dr. Fossum’s products are expensive to produce because they have sourced the best raw materials they could find, and they have gone above and beyond to receive certifications that most companies do not bother getting. They will continue to do research to make sure that Dr. Fossum’s products meet the highest quality standards, for the welfare of precious pets.

BTW- Dan takes the product and for the first time in years, he is no longer lame.


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