Paris Book Festival Names ‘Dad’ Winner Of Its 2021 Competition

PARIS_The emotional novel Dad is the winner of the 2021 Paris Book Festival, which honors the best of international publishing.

Author Steven Manchester’s Dad: A Novel (The Story Plant) tells of three generations of dads, playing traditional roles in each other’s lives, who arrive simultaneously at significant crossroads. The decisions they make and the actions they take will directly – and eternally – affect each other, as such is the sacred legacy of fatherhood.

Manchester’s skilled insight into the emotions and rituals regarding the universal bond of fatherhood continue his legacy as one of the best modern storytellers.

Other winners in the competition:


WINNER: The Hanford Chronicles – Trisha Pritikin

RUNNER-UP: Good Dogs – Mry Contreras


AfterLIFE: Waking Up From My American Dream – Carlo Pietro Sanfilippo

Toxic Love – Dean Quirke

Kings, Conquerors, Psychopaths – Joseph N. Abraham MD

Angie Doesn’t Live Here Anymore – Marilea C. Rabasa

As Living Stones – Marjory Henderson

Char’s Gift – Steve Harryman

The Art of Forgiveness – Carolyn CJ Jones

A Constitution for a Democracy – Rohit (Roy) Kajaria

Only the Lucky Grow Old – Kristine Fontaine

Secret Life of a Juror – Voir Dire – Paul Sanders

Banquet of Consequences – Paul Sanders


WINNER: I Would Love You Even If You Burned the Christmas Turkey – Bucleigh Newton-Kernodle

RUNNER-UP: Pong and the Birthday Journey – Linda Sowa Young Cornish


Sunny Flowers – Linda Sowa Young Cornish

Ella Sue and the Burlap Bag – Robin Taylor Chiarello

Belinda and the “Boring” Ballet Class – Dani Tucci-Juraga

Mommy’s Hot Pink Heels – Missy Brickman

Kindergarten Kapers – Sabrina Runyon

Becky’s Bonnet – Linda Sowa Young Cornish

Sabrina’s Book – Sabrina Runyon

The Imagination Key – Sarah Whalen

The Burping Pumpkin – Steph Alexis

Glitter the Unicorn Goes to the Beach – Callie Chapman

La petite lumiere blanche – Judy Ann Lowe

The Twin Dolphin’s Kind Rescue – V.A. Boeholt/Nate Jensen

Ting Ting, The Girl Who Saved China – Ryan O’Connor

If I Were A Pony – Leonard Eckhaus

The Holy Kid and Bud Book – V.A. Boeholt/Nate Jensen

7 Children’s Adventure Stories – V.A. Boeholt/Nate Jensen

Glitter the Unicorn Goes to the Moon – Callie Chapman

Let’s Go Dreaming: Into the Stars – Shanita Allen

Guess Me! Mighty Mammals – Kaaya Sharma

Meet Monique – Denise Lawson


WINNER: Foundra – Emmanuel M. Arriaga


WINNER: Dad – Steven Manchester

RUNNER-UP:  White Seed: The Untold Story of the Lost Colony of Roanoke – Paul Clayton


Redshift, Blueshift – Jordan Silversmith

Hunting Teddy Roosevelt – James Ross

The Gift from Fortuny – Terry Stanfill

Red Deception – Gary Grossman and Ed Fuller

An Irish Lullaby – Louis Michael Manzo

The Renascent World – Carryn N. Kerr

Lucky – Sara Condrey

White Skies Black Mingo – Kevin D. Miller

Truth is in the House – Michael J. Coffino

With Wanton Disregard – Gwen Banta

Devil’s Ledger – Lorraine Evanoff

Knight Light – Claudia Riess

The Spanish Teacher – Barbara De La Custa

Heaven and Other Zip Codes – Mathieu Cailler

Coldwater Revenge – James Ross

A Club of Friends – Marco Antonio Diaz

Buried but Never Forgotten – Elisa Chastaine

A Portable Chaos  E.M. Schorb

Trading Secrets – Rachael Eckles

Zongzi’s Journey – Richard Leito Sentieri

Here with the Winter – J. Penrod Scott

Ninety-Five – Lisa Towles

Revenge of the Beast – M. Ward Leon

Operation Olive Tree – Jemil Metti

Missing – Don Helin

Azalea Bluff – Dennis Hetzel with Ed Galloway

Walking in Deep Sand – V.C. Williams

First Course – Jenn Bouchard


WINNER: The Train Jumper – Gwen Banta

RUNNER-UP: Cleopatra’s Vendetta – Avanti Centrae


WINNER: The Undersea Art of Indonesia – Charles Rawlings, Nuswanto Lobbu, Leah Perez

RUNNER-UP: Leonardo da Vinci; Geologic – Ann C. Pizzorusso


WINNER: In the Boat of Myself – Timothy Goldring

RUNNER-UP: Dentro do som/inside the sound – Michael Garcia Spring


Once Upon Each Time – E.M. Schorb

Vidas Ajenas – Issamary Simmons Benavides

In Spiritus Theos – Brett Nelson

Dispatches from the Swinging Door Saloon – Randall McNair

When Snow Walks In – Christine Candland

Old State Road – Jason Gerrish

Much – Joel Peckham


WINNER: My Sister’s Mother – Donna Solecka Urbikas

RUNNER-UP: The Girl Behind the Wall – Antje Arnold


My Obit: Daddy Holding Me – Ken Atchity

Gone Before Glory – Stephen G. Yanoff

Burn This City to the Ground – N. Daniel

Gilligan’s Dreams – Dreama Denver

Good Blood: A Journey of Healing – Irit Schaffer

The Demon in Disguise – Ashley Elliott

The Angle of Flickering Light – Gina Troisi

Splat! – Adele Irving

The Music – Herbert and Stephanie Ausbel

Corners Untouched by Madness – N. Daniel

Roots & Branches: A Family Saga… – Michael Meguid

Abandon Brandon – Brandon J. McDermott

A Turbulent Mind – Swetha Amit

She Got Up – Janice Freeman


WINNER: One Loaf/One Bowl at a Time – CJ Katz


WINNER: Can You Get Our Attention? _ Kraig Kann

RUNNER-UP: The Ultimate Guide to Planning – Mike Bernstein


What the Pandemic Taught Me – Anindita Das


WINNER: The Wingless Angel – Fabrice Wilfong

RUNNER-UP: Mimi Takes Paris – Elizabeth Cooke


The Noble Edge – Christopher Gilbert, Ph.D

Mimi Takes Europe – Elizabeth Cooke

Kevin on Earth – Pres Maxon

Th? 3 Loves Project – Dr. Debra Campbell

Buried but Never Forgotten – Elisa Chastaine

Leonardo da Vinci Cartographer – Ann C. Pizzorusso

Banquet of Consequences – Paul Sanders

The YOU Beyond You – Ramzi Naijar

Mimi’s Paris Dilemma – Elizabeth Cooke

Postcards Home 2 – WD Mast

Mind the Gap – George Tombs

Secret Life of a Juror – Voir Dire – Paul Sanders

Mind the Gap – George Tombs

Sammy: Hero at Age Five – M. Schmidt & Gene D. Donley


WINNER: Blood and Silver – Vali Benson

RUNNER-UP: Brotherhood of the Lion – Roger Wellington Nason


Last Cherry Blossom – Kathleen Burkinshaw

Light Chaser – Zahra Omar Shansab

Earth 101 – Time to Run – Emae Church

The Adventures of Wandala – Daniel Boyd


WINNER: The Noble Edge – Christopher Gilbert, Ph.D

RUNNER-UP: Things I Heard My Professor Say – Curtis L. Odom, Ed.D


The Armchair Real Estate Millionaire – Michael Dominguez

Silent Resistance – Paul Boudreau & Caitlin Schmidt

The Charisma Factor – Leesa Rowland

Silent Resistance – Paul Boudreau & Caitlin Schmidt


WINNER: An Irish Lullaby – Louis Michael Manzo

RUNNER-UP: Good Blood: A Journey of Healing – Irit Schaffer


Opening the Gates of the Heart – Carolyn CJ Jones

Zach’s Quest – Mat and Melanie Dragovits

Because of You – Kelsey N. Clark

The Evangelical’s Daughter Losing My Religon – Debra Roberts Torres-Reyes


WINNER: Somewhere Out There – Dr. Sherry Meinberg

RUNNER-UP: Pandemic Side Effects – Jeffrey Weber


WINNER:  An Elephant Ate My Arm – Laurie McAndish King

RUNNER-UP: Immersed in West Africa – Terry Lister

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