Monopoly Producing ‘Ted Lasso’ Edition of Classic Game

By Paige Cornell

To celebrate the release of Season 3 of the hit AppleTV+ series, ‘Ted Lasso’ is getting to take a spin on the classic Monopoly game. In between weekly episode releases, fans of the comedy sports series can get their fill through diving into the world of ‘Ted Lasso’ and AFC Richmond via Monopoly.

Estimated to release on March 30, fans can preorder the ‘Ted Lasso’ Monopoly board through Warner Bros’ official merchandise website. Included in the special edition are six player tokens featuring popular icons of the series like the ‘Believe’ sign, biscuits, a toy army man, Ted’s visor, a teacup and a goldfish.


Fans can buy, sell and trade well-known properties like Nelson Road Stadium, The Owner’s Box and Keely’s Flat. The board takes the fandom a step further using British pounds as currency. There are 32 Houses renamed MVPs and 12 Hotels renamed CUPS. Players will use ‘BELIEVE Cards’ and ‘SMELLS LIKE POTENTIAL Cards’ while enjoying the game.


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