Crooked Media Adds Entertainment Podcast ‘X-Ray Vision’ To Lineup

Crooked Media has announced a new entertainment-centric podcast: ‘X-Ray Vision,’ from executive producer and host Jason Concepcion, who previously created and hosted the Emmy-award winning digital series NBA Desktop and co-hosted the popular fandom podcast Binge Mode. Concepcion’s new weekly podcast transcends pop culture and entertainment, taking listeners from the worlds of Middle-earth to Waystar Royco, and everything in between.

Premiering on August 30th, ‘X-Ray Vision’  will embark on a journey through the zeitgeist of film, TV, and comics. Both pop-culture enthusiasts and members of all fandoms – from the niche to the mainstream – can test their knowledge with panel discussions on the latest nerd news, casting, and show lore while staying tuned for deep dives into all of their favorite franchises.

Listeners should expect Concepcion’s signature deep-cut insights, reflections on current trends in streaming and genre media, and of course – hot takes on the fandom-related news of the week. X-Ray Vision is the latest example of Crooked Media’s foray into an expanded portfolio of content, which reflects the company’s mission to unpack underlying systems of power in areas such as sports, technology, entertainment, and more. This specific show will center its perspective on the biggest U.S. power center beyond Washington, D.C.: Hollywood, CA.

“I set out to organize this podcast around this fascinating moment of we’re in where fandom is ascendent, and the ways that these kinds of stories will expand and surprise your brain in the coolest ways,” said Jason Concepcion, Host and Executive Producer of X-Ray Vision. “I think these kind of stories reveal something essential about what people want from the world so I can’t wait to invite our listeners and my wonderful co-hosts into our weekly celebration of the stories and characters that have taken over the world.”

“Not to make the most obvious statement in the world, but culture is one of the most powerful forces that shapes our society. Who gets to create mass-market media, and how stories are told, have a big impact on the issues we discuss and with whom. Taking that head on and unpacking the stories we love — why they’re great, where they fail, and who the hell this 147th remake is for — is in Jason Concepcion’s wheel house,” said Tanya Somanader, Crooked’s Chief Content Officer. “Jason is the king of cultural deep dives. As with sports, his passion, expertise, and encyclopedic approach to entertainment make him essential listening for creators and fans alike. Our goal at Crooked is always to dig into what’s defining the world we live in and why. There is no one who is better suited, or ready to suit-up (pun!), to do so than Jason.”

“For so many super fans of massively popular franchises from the MCU to Game of Thrones, there is no one with more credibility and speaks to the passion and depth of these worlds like Jason.  We are thrilled to answer the call of his pop culture fans with the launch of X-Ray Vision, a show that will take listeners deeper into the worlds and characters that they love and provide the hilarious and deep analysis that fans of Crooked Media have come to expect.,” said Sandy Girard, Senior Vice President of Programming.

‘X-Ray Vision’ marks the latest instance of Crooked Media’s branching out further into streaming culture, comicbook, and zeitgeist-y genre interests. In addition to this new podcast, Jason is also the executive producer and host of Crooked’s sports and culture shows ‘Takeline’ and ‘ALL CAPS NBA.’

The first episode of ‘’X-Ray Vision’’ debuts on August 30 on all major podcast platforms, with subsequent episodes released every Monday. The premiere episode will be a primer on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, what’s to come in Phase 4, and how Disney+ changed the status quo in the MCU, and the second episode will explore the upcoming film Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, as well as the film’s impact on Asian representation in movies and TV. For more information about X-Ray Vision visit


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