2021 Hollywood Book Festival Names ‘War Bunny’ For Top Honors

HOLLYWOOD_The story of a rebel rabbit who fights back is the winner of the 2021 Hollywood Book Festival, which honors books worthy of further attention from the film, television and multimedia industries.

Author Christopher St. John’s War Bunny (Harvest Oak Press)  is the story of Anastasia, a rabbit who bravely confronts her area’s killers, launching a war between prey and predator in a post-apocalyptic world. Compared to Watership Down by reviewers, the book raises intriguing questions about friendship, honor, religion and the establishment. The book is the first in a series by St. John.

The author wins $1500 as his grand prize and will be honored at a ceremony in Hollywood later this fall.

Other winners in the 15th annual competition:


WINNER: War Bunny – Christopher St. John

RUNNER-UP: Survivors of the Mutant Dawn – Richard P. Stone


Forgive Us – ET Gunnarsson

The Bystander – Harry Wolden

Callisto 2.0 – Susan English

Tokyo Games – Yurie Kiri

Callisto 2.0 – Susan English

Falling from Eden Inc. – Ross Wright

The Cadmium Command – JGR Penton

The Adventures of Wandala – Daniel Boyd

Grydscaen: dark – Natsuya Uesugi DuBois

Earth Awakening – A.L. Riley

Tyrone Evans Clark’s Fiends – Tyrone Evans Clark


WINNER: Judy Garland & Liza Minnelli: Too Many Damn Rainbows – Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince

RUNNER-UP: The Hanford Plaintiffs – Trisha T. Pritikin


Gilligan’s Dreams – Dreama Denver

Rendered Safe: Tales of an NYPD Bomb Tech  – Jeff Ingber

Roots & Branches. A Family Saga.. – Michael Meguid

Corners Untouched by Madness – N. Daniel

My Obit Vol. 1 – Daddy Holding Me – Kenneth Atchity

Paradise Taken: The Diary of Eden Flores – Omar Gonzalez

Hiding in Plain Sight – Thomas LeBrun

The Music – Herbert and Stephanie Ausbel

The Demon in Disguise – Ashley Elliott

Leaving the Safe Harbor – Tanya Hackney

Bent Pages – Anne Hope

Tucker & Me – Andrew J. Harvey

My Sister’s Mother – Donna Urbikas

Dancing with Life – Ms. Dhyanis Carniglia

A Movie Lover’s Search for Romance – Joanna J. Charnas


WINNER: The Hanford Plaintiffs – Trisha Pritikin

RUNNER-UP: Blind Pony: As True a Story As I Can Tell – Samantha Hart


The Art of Forgiveness – Carolyn CJ Jones

The Undersea Art of Indonesia – Charles Rawlings, Lobbu, Leah Perez

The Court-Martial of Charlie Newell – Gerard Shira

Brainwashed – Ramdyal Bhola

Black Forest Dreams – Joseph Kuhn Carey

The Wingless Angel – Fabrice Wilfong

The Angels of Resistance – David V Mammina

Rental Secrets – Justin Pogue

KC’s Cocktails, Simple Sips of Bliss – KC

Blood or Loyalty – Adam Miller

The Colubrii: Awakening – T.M. Sulsona

I Am Cecilia – Zara Miller

Black Forest Dreams – Joseph Kuhn Carey

The Avatar: Daughter of the Air – T.M. Sulsona

The YOU Beyond You – Ramzi Najjar

Old State Road – Jason Gerrish

Shotokan Karate – Easiest Way… – Pradeep Kumar Yadav

The National Parks: A Century of Grace – karla k. morton and Alan Birkelbach


WINNER: I’ll Never Be French – Mark Greenside

RUNNER-UP: The Seductive Sapphic Exploits of Mercedes de Acosta: Hollywood’s Greatest Lover – Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince


The Longest Suicide in Hollywood – John William Law

Ni@$as Ain’t Astronauts – Robert A. Murphy

The Boy Who Knew Too Much – Cathy Byrd

Kings, Conquerors, Psychopaths – Joseph N. Abraham

Char’s Gift – Steve Harryman

The Salt & Pepper Gang – Kenneth Arthur

An Untold Secret – Erin Costal

The Train Jumper – Gwen Banta

A Constitution for a Democracy – Rohit (Roy) Kajaria

A Child’s Spiritual Journey – Ernie Liverman

Cycle of Lives – David Richman

The Remarkable Journey of Weed Clapper – Gwen Banta

Asher and Stacey’s Magnificent Road Trip – Stacey Cohen-Maitre Ph.E

The White Field – Douglas Cole

If I Die Before I Wake – Eli Shaw

Silent Resistance – Paul Boudreau and Caitlin Schmidt

The Angle of Flickering Light – Gina Troisi

All Fish Faces – Tam Warner Minton

You Sound Amazing – Jeffrey Weber

Bertram Grey’s God Stories – Kevin Garrett

Wild Counselor: 1977 – The Summer…. – Jim Finucan

Good Dogs – Mry Contreras

Secret Life of a Juror – Voir Dire – Paul Sanders

Good Blood: A Journey of Healing – Irit Schaffer

10 Rules of Karate – Kris Wilder and Lawrence Kane

A Turbulent Mind – Swetha Amit

Rise of the Digital World – RS Amblee

Una Nueva Victoria – Eliana Haliban

DisHarmony – Rachel R. Kovach

Never Be Poor Again – Matthew Morales

Love Yourself to Life – Dr. Monica DeBro

Jake’s Book – Joseph Belden

Sammy: Hero at Age Five – M. Schmidt and Gene D. Donley

The Write to Happiness – Samantha Shad

The Picture Wall: One Woman’s Journey….- C.A. Gibbs

One Simple Text…The Liz Marks Story – Betty Shaw and Dave Brown

Prayers and Po-boys – Larry Singleton

Understanding Men with Power – Mercedes Mercado

Best Little Stories from the Annals of the US Coast Guard – C. Brian Kelly


WINNER: Pong and the Birthday Journey – Linda Sowa Young Cornish

RUNNER-UP: Mommy’s Hot Pink Heels – Missy Brickman


The Troublesome Young Mr. Mot – Thom Mulichak

Tiny Tim and the Ghost of Ebenezer – Norman Whaler

Ting Ting, The Girl Who Saved China – Ryan O’Connor

Zach’s Quest: A Christmas Tale – Matt and Melanie Dragovits

Dachshund Through the Snow – Michelle Medlock Adams

Sunny Flowers – Linda Sowa Young Cornish

Becky’s Bonnet – Linda Sowa Young Cornish

Siggy Loves Sausages – Mr. Brian Frederick

If I Were A Pony – Leonard Eckhaus

Merry Christmas, Bobby the Bear – Ryan O’Connor

Garrett Bear: Finding Goals – K. Tang

Hickory Doc’s Tales – The Pack: First Generation – Linda Harkey

7 Children’s Adventure Stories – V.A. Boeholt/Nate Jensen

The Great Inventor of the Stars – Avery Davis

Learning Virtually with Lou – La’Krystal Foster

The Burping Pumpkin – Steph Alexis

Be Mindful of Monsters – Lauren Stockly

Earth Day Park’s Swans – V.A. Boeholt/Nate Jensen


WINNER: What the Soul Suspects – Mara Purl

RUNNER-UP:  Pivot – L.C. Barlow


Somewhere Out There – Dr. Sherry Meinberg

Confronting the Enemy – Joe McNeil

Perish – L.C. Barlow

Buried but Never Forgotten – Elisa Chastaine

White Skies Black Mingo – Kevin D. Miller

Midnight Rocks – Yurie Kiri

CSCO: First Station –D.A. Pendleton


WINNER: The Barking Lions – Clifford James Fazzolari

RUNNER-UP: No Birds Sing Here – Daniel V. Meier Jr.


The Black Dragons’ Chronicles Book 2 – M.R. Lucas

The Bookseller’s Daughter – Steve Burt

Ophelia’s Room – Michael Scott Garvin

Hunting Teddy Roosevelt – James A. Ross

To Be Enlightened – Alan J. Steinberg

Dark Data: Control, Alt, Delete – Douglas J. Wood

Dragon on the Far Side of the Moon – Douglas J. Wood

Bloodroot – Daniel V. Meier, Jr.

Dark Cloud – Sandra Wolff/Jared Barel

Blood & Silver – Vali Benson

The Alcatraz Option – Jay Begler

Jinn – Adron J. Smitley

Buried but Never Forgotten – Elisa Chastaine

Spirits of the Ice Forest – Max Davine

Em’s Awful Good Fortune – Marcie Maxfield

That Darn Cat – Janos Toldy

Love is Never Lost – Katy Regnery

The Book of Hannah – Ellen Gelerman

Truth is in The House – Michael J. Coffino

DHARMA, A Rekha Rao Mystery – Vee Kumari

Reclamation – Lisa Tschauner

Blood or Loyalty – Adam Miller

Bopper’s Progress – John Manderino

For a Fee of 2 Shillings – Faye Whittaker

Silver Heels – Michelle Lynn

A Portable Chaos – E.M. Schorb

Tumbleweeds and Dreams – TP Graf

Missing – Don Helin

The Secret of Jessie Judas – E.M. Schorb

Twisted Love One Woman’s Journey Through Domestic Violence – E.K. Sonshine

Trading Secrets – Rachel Eckles

Summer of ’85 – Richard Fellinger

The Brothers Silver – Marc Jampole

Ninety-Five – Lisa Towles

Before Pittsburgh – Kasie Whitener

Mirage of Darkness – Ervin Mendlovitz, Noah Chapman

Tyrone Evans Clark’s Grapefruit – Tyrone Evans Clark

Imprint – Marsha Roberts

Life in the Chastity Zone – Holly Brandon

Hollywood and Venal – Nat Segaloff

After Happily Ever After – Leslie A. Rasmussen

Frankie – Michel Tyree


WINNER: Tiny Blunders/Big Disasters – Jared Knott

RUNNER-UP: Staten Island’s Historic Magnolia House – Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince


The Lost Diary of Anne Frank – Dr. Johnny Teague


WINNER: Your Pet, Your Pill – Dr. Margit Gabriele Muller

RUNNER-UP: Good Blood: A Journey of Healing – Irit Schaffer


Quantum Christianty – A.C. Benson

All This Was Mission – S.J. Cunningham

Building with Discarded Stones – Timothy Buckley

Boys Secrets and Men’ Love – David A.J. Richards

The Evangelical’s Daughter – Debra Roberts Torres-Reyes


WINNER: New England Seaside, Roadside, Graveside, Darkside – Steve Burt

RUNNER-UP: An Audience for Einstein – Mark Wakely


The Last Cherry Blossom – Kathleen Burkinshaw

Brotherhood of the Lion – Roger Wellington Nason

Journey of 200: Perilous journey – Joyce Creighton

How to Become a Better Writer – Anishka Verma

Needing Normal: Freshman Year – Emme Grange

Ice Queen – Felicia Farber

Rise of the Sons – JD Mitchell

Secret Life of a Juror – Voir Dire – Paul Sanders

Earth 101 – Emae Church

House of Bastiion – K.L. Kolarich

Tyrone Evans Clark’s Grapefruit: Season 1 – Tyrone Evans Clark


WINNER: Never Be Poor Again – Matthew Morales

RUNNER-UP: The Ultimate Guide to Planning… – Mike Bernst


Secrets to Parenting Without Giving a Fu<k – Sue Donnellan

How to Win Your Case – Thomas Curtis, MD

Simple Activities for Toddlers – Lisa Forsythe


WINNER: Tiny Tim and the Ghost of Ebenezer – Norman Whaler

RUNNER-UP: I Would Love You Even If You Burned the Christmas Turkey – Bucleigh Newton Kernolde


Kindergarten Kapers – Sabrina Runyon

Solitary Toes and Brown-Headed Cowbirds – Linda Harkey

The Power of Poison – BJ Magnani


WINNER: The WishList – Jane Carter Woodrow

RUNNER-UP: Cursed Beauty – Valentina Tsoneva


WINNER: HEADTRASH – Renie Cavallari

RUNNER-UP: The Noble Edge – Christopher Gilbert, Ph.D


Birth of a Unicorn – Heather Wilde

Catch the Unicorn – Denis Caron

The Amazon Self-Publisher – Dale L. Roberts

Always End with the Beginning in Mind – Donald White

Playing for Keeps – Therese Allison

The Team Game – Bellaria Jimenez, John F. Bucsek

Turn Words Into Weatlh – Aurora Winter

Never Be Poor Again – Matthew Morales

Rental Secrets – Justin Pogue

Self-Publish and Succeed – Julie Broad




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